Copywriting & editing

Inspiring content is crucial to your online success.

The research is compelling.  "Content," which refers to all of the writing associated with your business, has got the internet all a-buzz. That's because we want more connection these days. We want to find our tribe. We want to temper anonymity with inclusion. We want more free advice. We want to share ideas dynamically and quickly and often. And this is exciting! But content can be daunting to create and maintain, even for the simplest online needs and even for the savvy among us.

The sum of your content should equal a clear voice that regularly and truly resonates with your tribe. I  specializes in helping businesses build an authentic and engaging online voice with thoughtful content-creation and permission-based marketing techniques. Integrating SEO, link building, and smart copy techniques, we can create a language that inspires growth and abundance for your business... a clear and compelling story that a dedicated customer base can gather around. 

We know what it's like to be a small-business owner. Rates are competitive and tailored specifically to the scope and complexity of your project. For on-going support, ask about becoming a Sustaining Client. 

Core Writing Services: 

Website Content
Taglines, Header concepts, Navigation
Bios, "About" pages
Ad Copy
Press Release
Email Campaigns  & e-Newsletters
On-going blogging services
200-400 word Blogpost, short piece
400+ word Posts & Feature Articles  
Facebook, Instagram postings
Product Descriptions
Essay, Literature Review, Speech
Book chapters
Technical Writing
Sales letter


An incredibly crucial step, we often don’t notice well-edited writing. But poorly edited writing always shwos! Editing quotes are built from a per page fee depending on level of need: 


Finished copy. When you need a fresh set of eyes for typos, syntax and other small mistakes.


Semi-finished copy. When you're almost there, but some things need re-working + proofreading.


Rough copy. When you know what you want to say and have written what you can, but need heavy edits, need to find a cohesive voice and may need some new, added copy + proofreading.