The world is a vast garden; we need you to plant conscious seeds here. It's time.

We are so excited to offer you this exceptional package crafted especially for changemakers and conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business forward - and do it right. 

If you've been struggling to find the right professional to work with, or if you've felt overwhelmed or intimidated by the costs of hiring out business branding and development, we are coming to the rescue!

Our WisenWomen Business Growth Package simplifies and personalizes today's most progressive business strategies for you. We'll share with you an exciting new paradigm of compassionate, connected commerce. It's an inspiring movement, and you need to be a part of it!

We combine the best of DIY brainstorms and exercises with one-on-one professional advising. The result is a highly-valuable, skill-building and heart-centered investment that's priced for maiden businesses. We'll work together to bring forth tangible results and provide hours of personalized support. Yes and yes! 

Here's What We'll Cover & How It Works:

We will work together over 4-6 weeks. 

You'll get 4 One-on-one Professional Advising Sessions for each section of development.

In-between sessions, you'll work on exercises and brainstorms.

You'll leave with tons of ideas and practical business skills to return to again and again.


/ amend the soil /
 prepare a compelling BRAND

  • Discover and decide the heartbeat, tone, and feel of your brand.
  • Learn the Ultimate Technique for staying focused and connected to your work.
  • Gain professional insights and generate ideas on how to use your gifts and originality to bolster your brand.
  • Get a professional Brand Positioning Statement (an excellent tool we'll co-create for future design, planning and marketing use).
  • 1 hour professional advising.



/ cultivate a sustainable community /
discover your perfect AUDIENCE

  • Do cutting edge, compassion-based target audience development.
  • Learn how to easily understand what your customers are looking for.
  • Gain tons of ideas and leads on finding and communicating  with your audience.
  • Move ahead with a very detailed picture of your ideal customers, as well as how to repeat this process in the future as you and the market change- and they will!
  • 1 hour professional advising.



/ plant well-tended starts /
craft valuable, unique SERVICES and PRODUCTS.

  • Gain tools and professional insights on how to make your offerings or products stand out.
  • Learn strategies for success used by some of the world's most successful brands.
  • Gain a sense of confidence in your unique services or products- get out of the competitive mind-set and into a thrive & collaborate mind-set.
  • Dial in the nitty-gritty of pricing, policies and other ways to run a smooth and professional business.
  • 2 hours professional advising.



/ share the bounty /
spread the pollen 'round; MARKET your good work!

  • Work together to integrate all that we've discovered and developed.
  • Gain a customized recommendation for your next best marketing move.
  • Get a bonus sheet with 20+ further ideas for meaningful integration of all the work you've done.
  • 1 hour professional advising.

Your Investment : $749*

Includes: 10+ Exceptionally Valuable Exercises, Brand Positioning Statement, Target Audience Refinement, 5 Hours of Professional Advising, Development of One Offering or Product and a customized marketing option to move you forward + bonuses and, of course, really loving and supportive vibes.

Your good work is needed & appreciated!
Take the time to take it to the next level.

* Pay once at $749 or pay slightly more for our payment plan: two payments of $389

want to see if we're a good fit?

AND gain some valuable professional insight?

Let's Do a Free Discovery Session. We'll look into who you are, what drives your work, and what actionable steps come next to grow your business or change-making project.


Praise for the Free Session

"Amanda was able to guide me without leading me astray. It felt grounded and we kept refining and getting closer to the essence of my vision. It was such a great session that I realized and got down to the truth of what it is I want to offer at this time. I was humbled, and completely inspired by the amount of inner work that came out of these external exercises. Amanda is connective and communicative, and is not forceful on her models. She is truly there to support women coming into connection with their gifts." -TB