The world is a vast garden; we need you to plant conscious seeds here.

Crafted especially for changemakers and conscious entrepreneurs, Bombilore's WisenWomen Business Development Package is dedicated to seeing visionary businesses and initiatives set sail and thrive. 

If you've been struggling to find the right professional to work with but are craving mentorship, or if you've felt overwhelmed or intimidated by the process of developing your brand, audience and offerings, we are coming to the rescue! Building a solid foundation for your business starts with deep alignment with your dream, and empowering techniques to stay connected to that dream. That, and some modern, heart-centered business strategy.

Working closely with Bombilore founder, Amanda Verdery Young, this powerful entrepreneurial journey simplifies and personalizes today's most progressive,  purpose-driven techniques for growing your work. Amanda will share with you an exciting new paradigm of compassionate, connected commerce. It's an inspiring movement, and you need to be a part of it!

This package combines the best of DIY brainstorms and exercises with one-on-one professional advising. The result is a highly-valuable, skill-building and soulful investment that's priced for maiden businesses. We'll work together with to bring forth tangible results and provide hours of personalized support. Whether you have a strong sense of what you want to offer or change about your existing business, or you're just getting started with a new career/endeavor, we are here to help guide the way and co-create the framework for your launch. And, you'll have the framework to return to as your business grows and changes- and it will! Yes and yes! 

Here's What We'll Cover & How It Works:

Work together with Amanda over 6-8 weeks. 

You'll enjoy 6, One-on-one Professional Advising Sessions (1hr each) for each section of development (1 for Brand Development, 1 for Audience, 2 for Offerings, and 2 for Marketing/Integration).

In-between sessions, you'll work on exercises and brainstorms.

You'll leave with tons of ideas, powerful practices, and strategic business skills to return to again and again. Most importantly, you'll leave with a clear foundation and path forward for launching (or re-launching) your business.


/ amend the soil /
 prepare a compelling BRAND

  • Discover and decide the heartbeat, tone, and feel of your brand. Locate who you truly are and name your dream.
  • Learn the Ultimate Technique for staying focused and connected to your work.
  • Gain professional insights and generate ideas on how to use your gifts and originality to bolster your brand.
  • Get a professional Brand Positioning Statement (an excellent tool we'll co-create for future design, planning and marketing use).
  • 1 hour professional advising.



/ cultivate a sustainable community /
discover your perfect AUDIENCE

  • Do cutting edge, compassion-based target audience development.
  • Learn how to easily understand what your customers are looking for.
  • Gain tons of ideas and leads on finding and communicating  with your audience.
  • Move ahead with a very detailed picture of your ideal customers, as well as how to repeat this process in the future as you and the market change- and they will!
  • 1 hour professional advising.



/ plant well-tended starts /
craft valuable, unique SERVICES and PRODUCTS.

  • Gain tools and professional insights on how to make your offerings or products stand out.
  • Learn strategies for success used by some of the world's most successful brands.
  • Gain a sense of confidence in your unique services or products- get out of the competitive mind-set and into a thrive & collaborate mind-set.
  • Dial in the nitty-gritty of pricing, policies and other ways to run a smooth and professional business.
  • 2 hours professional advising.



/ share the bounty /
spread the pollen 'round; MARKET your good work!

  • Work together to integrate all that we've discovered and developed.
  • Gain a customized recommendation for your next best marketing moves.
  • Map a simple but effective marketing plan to get you out there sharing your message immediately... because the world needs your changemaking work now! 
  • Get a bonus sheet with 20+ further ideas for meaningful integration of all the work you've done.
  • 2 hours professional advising.

Your Investment : $1195*

Includes: 12+ Exceptionally Valuable Exercises, An Official Brand Positioning Statement (written by Amanda), Target Audience Refinement, 6 Hours of Professional Advising, Deep Development of One Exceptional Offering or Product and a simple, co-created marketing plan to move you forward + bonuses and, of course, really loving and supportive vibes.

Your good work is needed & appreciated!
Take the time to take it to the next level.

* Make your investment once at $1195 or take advantage of our payment plan: two payments of $598, due when we begin and again 30 days later.
Combine this package with a new Squarespace website, and pay only $795. I LOVE working with people over the long term, diving deep into who you are, who you're for, what you do, and then manifesting it all into a gorgeous & effective online presence.

* Compare to online programs with no professional support, or coaching programs that often offer few tangible results or clear outcomes. I do this because I love it, I love you, and I believe the world truly, deeply needs your amazing work!

I do this because I've tried all kinds of support as an entrepreneur myself, and I've found that working on my vision with the support of professional advising is the most empowering and effective combination. 

If you're someone who is ready to invest in herself, in her vision, and who is willing and able to put in time and effort developing your vision to its full potential- you will get tremendous value from this program- not to mention skills that will last a lifetime. I'd love to work with you. Let's do this. 

Praise for The WisenWomen Development Program . . .

"My business has been completely transformed! Honestly, it is so hard to put it into words how much the business/ brand development package helped me to really get clear . . . Amanda's excellent guidance, coaching and tools allowed me to articulate my dreams and passions in a way I had never knew was possible or experienced before! Together we re-created my entire brand . . . My business has exploded . . . I have been able to reach so many more women who resonate with my vision and offerings! I really could not be happier or more thankful for the support I received throughout this whole process!" 
 -Anja Robinson,
Wellness Mentor, Certified Nutritionist, Holistic Doula

"For a while it felt like I was just going through the motions - that I was just another fish in the sea of my industry. Through working with Amanda, I've begun to really step into my own embodiment of what it means to be a heartfelt practitioner and small business owner.

I LOVED the DIY work  . . . It made me take accountability for my work rather than seeking someone out for all the answers . . . I was able to come to the heart of my offerings, jump over some of my biggest hurdles as a woman and a small business owner, and gain the momentum and inspiration to move forward with heart."

-Mamie Wartelle
Herbalist & Ayurvedic Practitioner

"My business has definitely increased . . . More so, I am getting more of my ideal clients which is exactly what I wanted.

I appreciate how hard Amanda works in these sessions and how well she listens. I feel heard and that speaks volumes of her character and the type of service she provides.

-Vivien Roman-Hampton
Group & Individual Therapy


want to see if we're a good fit?

AND gain some valuable professional insight?

Let's Do a Free Discovery Session. We'll look into who you are, what drives your work, and what actionable steps come next to grow your business or change-making project.