Hello Friends!

I am so excited and honored to reinvent myself in BombiloreCreative after nearly a year's intensive in motherhood! Julian is growing too fast for words, and the journey of becoming a mother has pushed me to renovate what was AVY WordDesign into something that not only speaks more to my dreams as an aspiring writer/designer, but to my commitment to your vision and dreams as an inspiring business person and thought leader. As I write this, we are watching Julian get his sea legs, and I have to thank him for giving me the courage to find mine professionally.

I never thought I'd be in "marketing," but that is because I don't see marketing the way it has been seen for decades. Many of us don't want that type of invasive, interruption-based advertising anymore, and the fabulously successful can attest to this. We want connection and, I think, tools and alliances that help us realize our potential to positively impact our communities while earning an amazing living.

When I realized that communication and development have always been the centripetal force of my professional story, it was easy to become comfortable with the idea that helping you define and express your business was something I would actually love to do, and am well suited to. Also, having been an entrepreneur for over 12 years means that I understand first-hand the wild journey toward doing something new and different and meaningful. I am learning with you everyday!

If you would like to receive my blog posts about entrepreneurship, finding your voice, and other creative- thinking tid-bits, you can sign up to the right/below. In the meantime, here's a little more from my About page...

What exactly do I do?

BombiloreCreative's speciality is working with artists, wellness professionals, and conscious businesses to achieve a consistent, well-read, and inspiring online voice through writing, editing, and website design. 

I grew up amongst self-employed performing arts managers, surrounded by music, musicians, concert halls. It's nurtured in me an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep appreciation for the arts- especially live music. I've been so fortunate to have enjoyed hundreds of concerts, beginning from childhood. Throughout my site, you will find images from this rich part of my story, because it reminds me that we are all artists looking for the best ways and places to share our talents- whatever they may be. 

Throughout my career, I've had the pleasure of working with incredibly creative souls from around the world. What I've learned is that people want to find their people, want to connect with what's real and visceral in their lives, and want to believe they can make a living doing what they love. 

Before founding Bombilore, I worked in arts management, helping artists hone their online voice, writing press releases, bios, visa applications, going to booking conferences, road-managing. Before that, I owned a bohemian teahouse in Burlington, Vermont. I traveled to the far reaches of India and China on tea expeditions, hosted community events, imported 100+ teas, and ran every element of day-to-day operations. It became a beloved community enterprise in under 5 years. My unconventional, heart-centered path has made for a dynamic, diverse set of professional skills that I am proud to channel into BombiloreCreative.

I love the dreams and vitality of small business entrepreneurship. The success of those dreams often rests on synchronicity, courage, and surrender to something bigger than ourselves. All this makes for great storytelling, which is what modern marketing is all about. And I love a good story. I hope to hear yours soon.