Your subject line is the gatekeeper between your reader and your content. Throughout my research I find repeated again and again that you must offer, offer, offer. This can manifest in myriad ways, but ask yourself as you finish an email’s subject line : 

What have I offered, and is it what my clients want? 

Here are some great ways to make an offering via your headline:

  • Offer a question that you are going to answer. For example: Can strong headlines fight insomnia? Now, just be careful you don’t go too far. Nobody likes to be tricked or scared into opening emails. However, whether comical or more down-to-business, a question is a classic way to get emails opened.

  • Offer a free giveaway. Now this doesn’t have to be big or even go beyond the email itself. But it can be highly effective to promise some piece of knowledge, coupon, tip, etc. For example, Top 3 ways to improve your monthly newsletter, or How-to improve your newsletter fast, or Free Complimentary … you decide! Again, be honest and clear.
  • Offer a fresh angle on a popular theme. Whatever your field, you can always offer industry news in an exciting way by being not only on-top of new trends, but by making connections with the broader news of the day. Rather than recycling what you’ve read somewhere else, put on your critical thinking hat, and see what interesting new angle you can provide to us all!