People's inboxes are filled to the brim. You know this, because you are likely one of those people. So how do you inspire folks to open your newsletter? The key word is inspire. Keep that idea at the center of your newsletter campaigning plans. And, give the following tips a try...

1. Give readers something to look forward to. Whether it be a recipe, a joke, a riddle, a coupon, a top ten list- having a repeated element that shows up each month in your newsletter can definitely help you be consistently read… And that keeps your business consistently visible.

2. Chop it up, keep it simple, leave open space. Ok. Three in one. Bonus! First, write short paragraphs at all costs, leaving a space between each. It is very challenging to read large blocks of text online. It’s also challenging to read many colors other than black or grey for the text. Utilize color in headings, highlighted passages, quotes, etc. Keep the main text dark and the background color light. And finally, brevity (generally speaking) rules. Better to have one compelling theme or story for your newsletter than try to cover too many topics.

3. Write strong headlines. See my post for more tips on this!

3. Edit, edit, and then have someone else edit. Poorly written content wrought with spelling and grammar mistakes, redundancy, or an unclear focus is a reflection on how busy you are, right? Unfortunately, it’s more like a reason to click away. So put in that extra time and really polish that final draft. As simple as this sounds, on the interwebs typos abound.

4. Offer visual vitamins. Photos are crucial. It’s hard to choose photos for tips on writing, so I try and get creative. Of course, relevancy helps, but a break for the eyes is most welcome. The aesthetic value of images amidst online text should not be underestimated.