My research always comes across interesting “facts” about the way the beguiling inter-web works. I say “facts” because the internet- in the grand scheme of things- is a toddler who just got her legs and is running all around, making lightning-fast switchbacks, grabbing whatever she wants, and hurling objects right at our heads without warning. That is, she’s in constant flux.

It takes a lot of patience and more than a few deep breaths to not get overwhelmed and whiplashed by the rapid change of our little toddler-internet.  But the truth is, no matter what micro-phase our virtual baby is going through, high quality, frequently posted content is here to stay if you want to catch online eyes and clicks!

The graph below is a favorite because it gives you great stats, and a really clear visual that I keep at the heart of my own marketing strategy:  In short, there is virtually (pun intended) no way you can’t stand out if you create high-quality content on a regular basis!

But before you print the chart and post it near your desk, I’d like to give a shout out to Email Marketing, because there are a whole lot of businesses out there who are still not reaping the near-endless benefits of email campaigns (including me!).

Savvy Email Marketing continues to remain at the top of the block when it comes to online marketing strategy! Over 90% of U.S. consumers use email everyday. Emails reportedly convert to sales at a rate of 40% more than social media! (eMarketer). Blogs on your business site help you up sales in myriad ways (see below), notably by increasing email subscribers. And since we know email is the top dog, this is a really powerful thing!

The biggest hurdle? Finding the time and money. AVY can help you with your content anatomy. Contact me for a FREE consultation where I will listen to your business goals and vision, and brainstorm an offer that works for you.

In the meantime, here are some blogging techniques and more benefits to inspire you!

And without further ado…