Below please fill in this Quote Questionairre the best that you can. This greatly helps me to understand your website dreams and goals and build an accurate quote most suited to your unique needs. Quotes can be adjusted as necessary & payment plans are available. I'll be in touch after I've had the pleasure of getting to know your vision!
~ With thanks, Amanda

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What will people do on your site? Shop, read, sign up for things, hire/consult you, find resources? Please be a bit specific.
If you are unsure, just give me your best idea. Generally all websites have at least a landing (home) page, an About page, and a Contact Page. Most have several more, like Services, Portfolios and Blogs.
Please provide links to 1-3 websites from others in your industry or similar line of work that you love. They don't have to be Squarespace sites.
Website Features *
Please check any of the following elements that you DEFINITELY want to have on your site.
Are there fonts from SS or elsewhere that you want to use, or other design elements/features that you really would like to see on your new site?
If you would like email/newsletter/other forms, do you already use an email-marketing tool/storage option (MailChimp, Constant contact, Emma, Google) or do you want help setting this up?
Do you plan to sell things directly on your website? If so, what type of goods or services? How many? Do you already use a payment platform?
What are some keywords you associate with your business? What would people "google" if they were looking for your offerings?
Do you have images you want to use on the site?
Is your site's content written? This refers to all the writing that appears on your website.
Content II
Answer ONLY IF you are providing your own content. Would you like AVY to perform a final edit of your content before going live?
Web skills *
So that I can best design your customized tutorial, please indicate your general web skills:
What do you want to most focus on for the tutorial? For example, overall SS navigation, blogging, design?