Below please fill in this Creative Brainstorm the best that you can. This is time well spent and greatly helps me to understand your amazing business or organization and make the most of our upcoming planning meeting. I'll be in touch after I've had the pleasure of getting to know your vision & goals!
~ With thanks, Amanda

Name *
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Please briefly describe your business. What are your products and/or services? You can also put your Mission Statement here if you have one.
Please tell the story of your business by telling me about the roots of your passion. If it helps, start with Once Upon a Time. How did you get to where you are? Here, forget the business pitch, and just tell me a tale about you, your journey, and how this business came to be.
In a few words, please express what sets you apart from others in your field? What's your special offer? What overlooked or neglected need in your industry are you fulfilling? Or are you a thought leader in a new industry?
As if they were a real individual, tell me what they're like, what are their interests, and where might they work, etc.
What emotions would you like your customer community to feel when they interact with your business?
Values, beliefs, lifestyle, interests?
List a few types of people or groups who want or need your services. Be as specific as possible. Who is your tribe?
If you were to think of your customers as a tribe or community, where would they be hanging out? Where do you find them? Brainstorm both places online and out in the community.
Thinking again about all you've said already about your customers, what problems do they have that you can solve? Be as specific as possible.
Please list some adjectives (e.g. professional, friendly, casual, serious, ethereal, humorous, sophisticated, high-end, empowering, authoritative).
What are your top 3 business/professional goals at this time?
What are the long-term goals of your business? If you're unsure, that is ok!
Please provide links to 1-3 websites from others in your industry or similar line of work that you love, and why. To take this farther, who is doing something similar to you really well? What can you learn?
What are some keywords you associate with your business? What would people "google" if they were looking for your offerings?
Content *
What type of content do you most need help developing? Check all that apply.
Web skills *
Please indicate your general web skills: