Content Marketing: create a community around you.

The Find, Hone, Holler Approach 

So often, we forego really telling our own story to try and tow the line, try to market our business according to some formula. Our message ends up feeling stale compared to the synchronistic, irreverent, even unlikely journey that ferried us to where we now find ourselves. Or, we end up so scattered and without a plan that even our most sincere efforts aren't fruitful. 

Successful marketing campaigns all have a strong core of confident, authentic, and sustained storytelling. It also includes being at the right place at the right time. The Find, Hone, Holler approach respects the steps required to do it right the first time. Find your voice, hone your voice, and then be heard.

Content marketing packages may include:

  • A Creative Brainstorm Questionnaire ~ a fabulous tool!
  • An in-depth exploration of the short and long term goals of your business.
  • Assessment of your current content marketing strategy (if any).
  • Fine-tuning the functionality and elegance of your website
  • Social media options & strategy
  • Email list-building & campaigns
  • Resources for further assistance & Free online education
  • An activation plan to put theory into practice!
  • Prices vary based on size and scope, or become a Sustaining Client. 

In partnership with a collective of talented colleagues, Bombilore can seamlessly integrate logos, signage, promotional materials, and long-term growth plans into your marketing package.