Sometimes, we just need to talk through some ideas with a professional who understands the process of creating something amazing, genuine, and profitable. We all need help clarifying our offer, honing our unique voice, or mapping our plan forward.

So often, in our passionate and busy-ness, we forget, forgo, or even aren't aware of the crucial steps necessary to bring our vision to life and to the right people. Sometimes, we're just so close to our work, and a fresh pair of eyes and ears is very beneficial for our business growth. If you're working to change the world for the better, then the world desperately needs you to succeed! 

My hope is that in 30 minutes, you'll be clearer and feel stronger in your resolve moving forward- whether you are just starting out, stuck on some specific part of business development or are just curious about what more there is to learn. If any of the below situations are true for you, this could be an especially beneficial session...

This consultation is great if you:

- Are just getting started in a new business venture.

- Are re-branding or making a significant change of course to your current business.

- Don't know what "branding" is really about.

- Aren't getting the sales you want and need to see.

- Are having trouble writing compelling copy for your business (copy refers to any writing associated with describing or marketing your business)

- Are experiencing "imposter syndrome"... in other words, feeling like you're not good/talented/expert/worthy enough to continue to develop your business

- You're totally intimidated by or allergic to the idea of "marketing."

If the shoe fits, what do you have to lose? 

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All the very best to you! Your work is needed and appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Amanda Verdery Young